hour increments

it looks like I am on a pattern of two posts a month. And strangely they are falling on almost the same dates! Just a quick one because of my new schedule. I’ve been doing the 5 am classes for an hour for a week and a half now. It looks like the first half of the week things go great, but by Friday, I’m really tired! Because of my men’s group on Thursday mornings, I am getting up before 5 am four days a week. And I’ve also found that I am naturally waking up really early (so long as I go to bed at a decent hour!). I’ve become “wide” awake at 3 and 3:30. Its typical for me to wake up before my alarm. Then its a debate about going ahead and getting up, or staying in bed until the alarm actually goes off!

Anyway, that is how the schedule has been working. The hours go fast. I really don’t want to quit when the hour is up. But if I don’t, then a whole chain of events begins. Later getting ready, later getting out the door to work, later getting to work, thus later to leave work to come home, thus more tired in the evening. Last week it was weird. When I came home after work, I actually had more energy, and was able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, which I atribute to being on a tighter schedule with everything. We’ll see if that holds true this week.

Just a few more lines, then I need to move on to the next thing. I am almost done with the first lesson (boy this is going slow). Below is what I have been able to create so far. We actually hand colored the second car just using the mouse! My wrist was killing me after that! I have some carpel tunnel issues, so I will have to be careful how much I do. I also need to get one of those wrist wraps or supports. We have some around here somewhere!

the little guys are multiplying!

the little guys are multiplying!

Well, that is it for today. Its almost 6:15, and I need to go!


~ by Elliott Strom on June 23, 2009.

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