Baby steps

I guess its been about a week since I did my first post. I am still getting used to how WordPress works. So far it hasn’t been as straight forward as Blogger. So I’m still deciding if this is the way I want to go for my blog. I have yet to send out a “big” announcement about the existence of this blog. So nobody has probably even read anything here yet! 🙂

I have figured out that there are 87 individual lessons that I will be going through, which are spread out over about 17 courses. The first course I am working on is Photoshop Basics. It is going kind of slow so far. I haven’t worked out a precise schedule of when I do school and when I do other things, i.e. work at Pine Cove full time, work part time for GVBC (our church), work part time for CEF, spend quality time with my lovely wife and precious daughters, keep up with the yard work, maintain the vehicles, be involved with the men’s ministry at church, etc, etc, etc! Life can be very busy now, can’t it! But as I was telling Nicole today, at least I’m not bored!

The first lesson in my Photoshop Basics class has me learning how to edit an image. The first thing was to remove the background from the main subject. Here is what it looks like.

My first photoshop selection

My first photoshop selection

Its a little rough around the edges. I think I need to go in and do a little more editing before I continue with the lesson. I think we are going to do all sort of things with this little guy. Learning to change the color of the car, duplicating it so there are several images of the car in one photo, and I’m sure all sorts of other things.

Like I mentioned, I’m still working on getting into a routine so that I’m getting to my schooling on a regular basis.

I hope to be able to say I’ve completed my first lesson by my next post.

Till then, cheerio!


~ by Elliott Strom on May 24, 2009.

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